Advertise With An Amazon T-Shirt

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Start selling t-shirts with your logo on it today. Let your fans, customers, and employees promote your brand with your own logo t-shirt from Amazon.



No more inventory. No more customer service nightmares. With Amazon’s print-on-demand t-shirt service, your fans and customers can buy your branded t-shirt directly from Amazon and start promoting your business, band, or group for you.

How it works

Doodl provides a space for your logo branded t-shirt on our account in exchange for a small setup fee. Think of the one-time setup fee as an advertising expense. Once your private listing is live on Amazon, your fans and customers will purchase your shirt directly from Amazon. There are no more fees for you, not even hidden ones — ever. Amazon handles all orders and customer service including returns. Then, you’re free to run your business, practice with your group, or just relax while people buy your shirt and advertise for you as a walking billboard.

1.Choose your shirt style

2.Choose your shirt colors

3.Select some optional marketing tools

3.Upload your logo


5.We list your shirt, build your marketing tools, then email you the links to your product page and promotional PDFs

6.Start selling shirts in 3-5 business days

So, give it a try. Build a package to suit your needs or your budget. There are options to lower your shirt cost, add shirt colors, or take advantage of our pre-designed marketing tools.

Amazon t-shirts are perfect for:

  • Business Promotions like Give-Aways, Team Building, and Special Events
  • Bands and Music Groups
  • Sports Teams like Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc.
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Hobby Clubs like Model Train Clubs and Martial Arts Clubs
  • Professional Societies
  • School Clubs
  • Social Clubs
  • Events like Renaissance Fairs, Marathons, and Music Festivals

Pre-designed marketing tools

We will use this template for your Social Media Graphic, Business Card, and Poster:

Business-Card Template

Poster Template

Don’t have a logo? Want a custom poster design? You’re in luck. We can design a custom logo, business card or poster for you. Contact us to learn more about our design services.


Subject to all Terms of Service.

Each package is a Private Amazon product listing. Private Amazon Listings are not searchable on Amazon. You are responsible for sharing your private link through the marketing channels of your choice like social media or local advertising to generate sales. Amazon product listings are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Product listings must be paid in full before any products will be processed. Products that do not sell in their first 90 days will be removed. Products that are considered idle and do not sell for twelve (12) months will be removed. 

(if applicable) Business Cards are a pre-designed 3.5"x 2" one-sided template. Flyers/Posters are a pre-designed 8.5"x 11" one-sided template. High-Resolution PDF files will be provided for professional or desktop printing.

Custom design can be purchased separately at our standard business rate by contacting us at

Doodl receives royalties from merchandise sold on Amazon. Royalty information is available upon request.

All products are subject to Merch by Amazon's Content Policy.

All products are supplied by Amazon and their subsidiaries. Product availability is subject to change without notice.


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